BIO Buzz: How to Prepare for BIO 2012 – 7 Easy Networking Steps to do Before BIO

If you’re like us, you’re eagerly awaiting the 2012 BIO International Convention just over a month away. How are you going to prepare for this huge event? On Tuesday night BIO hosted a Meetup here at MassBio to start the conversation on NETWORKING and how to take advantage of your time at BIO. Tracy Chandler & Kevin Coughlin from Vertex presented on successful networking (job searchers, don’t forget to attend the BIO Career Fair) and we came home with these helpful tips from BIO:

7 Easy Networking Steps to do Before BIO

    1. Check out the BIO Attendee List on MyBIO & connect with attendees & speakers that interest you
    2. See what companies will be involved on the Company List
      • Make a schedule of companies you definitely want to see
      • Contact exhibitors & set times to visit their booths
      • Contact speakers ahead of time & set up a time to meet them at BIO
    3. Take a look at the Session and Speaker list & add the sessions you want to see to your schedule
      • Contact speakers ahead of time & set up a time to meet them at BIO
    4. Get your event listed on the BIO Party List or check out other networking events to attend
    5. Visit the BIO Career Fair to see who is hiring
    6. Don’t forget to register for BIO (register before May 10th & save up to $600!)
      • Consider adding access to the BIO Business forum, which allows you to create a One-on-One Partnering profile & request 30-minute private meetings
    7. Connect to BIO & MassBio social media for updates on what it happening at BIO

3 Easy Steps to Get Organized for BIO

  1. Outline your business objectives for June: what do you want to gain from this experience?
  2. Plan to use tools on MyBIOor the mobile version to help you keep track of everything you need to remember in order to take full advantage of all BIO has to offer
    • Don’t forget to confirm your private meetings and take another look at the Schedule of Events
    • Keep track of your private meetings and coordinate with members of your team
  3. Make transportation plans ahead of time so you’ll know exactly where to go


Do you have any additional tips on how to prepare for BIO & make the most of your time there? Please share!

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