Top 5 News Stories 5/4-5/11

MassBio News: Our New Conference Rooms Have Names!

Thank you to the 115 MassBio members who submitted entries to name the conference rooms at our new office—we received very creative, interesting and thoughtful responses! A number of different people submitted names along the same theme—names that matched the MassBio mission and the aspirations we have both as your trade association and for the life sciences supercluster. The winning names are…

  • INSPIRATION 1. a sudden feeling of enthusiasm, or a new idea that helps you to do or create something 2. idea, incentive, motivation, vision
  • COLLABORATION 1. a process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goal 2. cooperation, partnership, teamwork
  • DISCOVERY 1. the process of learning something that was not known before, or of finding someone or something that was missing or hidden 2. exploration; examination, breakthrough
  • ENTERPRISE  1. a project undertaken or to be undertaken, especially one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy, adventurous spirit or ingenuity 2. adventure, undertaking, venture

Because there were duplications in the submissions, we entered all of the folks who submitted this idea into a raffle for our prize, a $100 gift card to Catalyst Restaurant (Donated by Catalyst & 451 Marketing – thank you!), our neighbor here at 300 Tech Square. We are happy to announce that the winner is Stephen Provost of Prestige Scientific! Thank you everyone for participating—we hope you stop by and see our new space soon.

1. Vertex shares jump 60% premarket on new data for cystic fibrosis drug Kalydeco  Boston Business Journal – 5/7/12

 Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: VRTX) investors had a premarket feeding frenzy Monday, after Vertex released  preliminary Phase 2 data showing that a combination of two cystic fibrosis (CF) drugs improved some patients’ lung function by 10 percent. Link

2. Feeling the Kendall Square Bump n’ Grind Part II: Life Science Capital – 5/7/12

Kendall Square is home to the strongest life sciences cluster in the world, an audacious claim that is supported by the fact that the four main industry groups chose Boston for their signature events this year. Link

3. Fluidigm and the Broad Institute Establish Single-Cell Genomics Research Center Market Watch – 5/8/12

The Broad Institute and Fluidigm Corporation FLDM +1.18% today announced the launch of a new research center dedicated to accelerating the development of research methods and discoveries in mammalian single-cell genomics. Link

4. FDA favors first drug for HIV prevention USA Today – 5/8/12

Federal drug regulators on Tuesday affirmed landmark study results showing that a popular HIV-fighting pill can also help healthy people avoid contracting the virus that causes AIDS in the first place. While the pill appears safe and effective for prevention, scientists stressed that it only works when taken on a daily basis. Link

5. U.S. may speed approval of ‘breakthrough’ drugs MSNBC – 5/9/12

Experimental drugs that show a big effect early in development for treating serious or life-threatening diseases would get a faster and cheaper path to U.S. approval, under a proposal likely to become law this year. Link

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