Guest Post: Beyond the Bench: Northeastern Offers New Biomedical Nanotechnology Program

Looking for a new challenge in 2013? Northeastern University’s innovative new professional science masters degree program in Biomedical Nanotechnology might be just what you are looking for.

The program incorporates aspects of the Pharmaceutical Sciences curriculum with courses in Nanotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Law. The combination of these fields results in a unique curriculum that provides students with skills not only in the relevant science, but also in leadership, business and intellectual property law.

Heather ClarkDr. Heather Clark, PhD, an associate professor in Northeastern’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, developed the new program in collaboration with professors in both the law and business schools. Her goal was to lay the groundwork for students who want more out of their careers than a standard masters program.

Dr. Clark admits that she had wanted to be a scientist ever since she set foot in her first high school chemistry class. From that day forward, she pursued courses and research opportunities so that she could ultimately work in the lab. “The path was straightforward: a four-year BS degree in college and then five years of graduate work to obtain a PhD. After ‘only’ five more years of postdoctoral training, I was ready to start my own independent research lab.”

Although each student in her entering graduate school class came in with similar goals, not everyone continued down the same path.

“What has amazed me over the years is the number of alternate careers – that span beyond the bench – that are available to those with an advanced degree in science. My peers have become patent agents, attorneys, scientific writers, entrepreneurs, and more.” -Dr. Heather Clark, PhD

With this in mind, she created the interdisciplinary new program. In addition to scientifically focused courses in Nanotechnology, students will get the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship by working with experts to write their own business plans. They will also take courses in the legal consideration of Nanotechnology alongside Northeastern Law students.

Outside of the classroom, students pursue paid internships at area companies in biotech, pharma, or law. Heather adds, “Our goal is that at the end of the program, students will be uniquely qualified to follow their dreams into new opportunities beyond the traditional science.”

Learn more and apply today:

Prof. Heather Clark is on the faculty as an associate professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at Bouvé College, Northeastern University. Dr. Clark’s research focuses on the development of nanosensors to measure concentrations of ions and small molecules at the cellular level, as well as in vivo. Her work has been featured in a live CNN interview, the Wall Street Journal, WIRED magazine and MIT Technology Review.  In July, she received a DARPA Young Faculty Award to develop tools for measuring neurotransmitter release.

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