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MassBio Members Who Keep Our Hearts Beating – Literally


MassBio loves our members! Today we wanted to give a little love to our members who make sure our hearts can keep beating – literally! Here are some member companies who focus on cardiovascular disease – thank you for your work ABIOMED, Advanced Cell Technology, AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, & Provasculon!

Abiomed_logoABIOMED was founded more than two decades ago with a singular mission – to make real the day when heart failure need not mean the end of life or the ability to enjoy life. The company develops, manufactures and markets innovative heart assist and replacement systems. In 2001, ABIOMED made history when Mr. Robert Tools, a 58 year old telephone company employee and teacher suffering from late stage heart failure, was successfully implanted with the first completely self-contained replacement heart: the AbioCor®. The ongoing AbioCor clinical trial has demonstrated that a replacement heart capable of sustaining a satisfactory quality of life is attainable, and not a distant dream.

ABIOMED is also the only company in the circulatory support market offering a system designed for the best outcome of all: recovery. Thousands of patients with failing hearts have been put on our BVS® 5000 and AB5000™ circulatory support systems and either recovered, returning to their normal lives untethered by devices, or received heart support and improved organ function until they received a transplant. Website.

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Top 5 News Stories 4/13-4/20

Don’t forget to check out MassBio’s Spring 2012 Newsletter!

1. Pharma gift ban isn’t squelching science, yet BBJ – 4/13/12

The Gift Ban succeeded in getting rid of pens and mugs with company names on them. It has embarrassed more than one local doctor who has been told he cannot take a yogurt or a bag of chips at a conference. Link

2. Head of BIO advocates FDA chief innovation officer Mass High Tech – 4/18/12

The head of the leading biotechnology trade group, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), was in Boston this week, ahead of the group’s annual meeting, taking place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from June 18 to June 21. Link

3. With Flat Budget Proposed, Clamor Builds in Congress for More NIH Spending GEN – 4/18/12

This election year wouldn’t appear to offer much hope for real year-over-year growth in the NIH budget, with both sides of the political spectrum attacking sky-high federal spending. President Barack Obama is proposing to keep NIH’s budget flat in FY 2013 at $30.702 billion in discretionary budget authority from Congress and $30.86 billion in overall program level funding. Link

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