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Top 5 News Stories 2/17-2/24

1. Newly-approved FDA drug dramatically changing lives of CF patients Fox News – 2/17/12

On the surface, Lindsay Shipp’s story may sound sad, but it’s a story of hope with a happy ending. All her life, Shipp has been trying to keep up a positive attitude. She knew the disease from which she suffered – cystic fibrosis – could cut her life short, but she tried to play it off like she was fine. Link

2. FDA to ease critical cancer drug shortage with help from new suppliers CBS News – 2/21/12

The federal government is stepping in to help ease the shortage of two life-saving cancer drugs, Doxil and methotrexate, regulators announced Tuesday. The FDA said it will temporarily allow importation of a replacement drug for Doxil, a drug for ovarian and other cancers that hasn’t been available for new patients for months. Link

3. Mass. gives $21M in life sciences tax breaks Boston Herald Biz Smart – 2/22/12

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center today announced its board of directors had awarded $21.2 million in tax incentives to 28 life sciences companies that have committed to creating more than 940 new jobs this year. Link

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